How to avoid expensive repairs at home?

Once you become the owner of the property that you wanted so much, you have to take into account the different expenses that are implicit with this acquisition, because like any object that is in continuous use, it has to be protected and maintained accordingly to avoid damages that may be too expensive for you. … Continued

Drop sales in The Real EstateMarket.

Drop sales in The Real EstateMarket. Today the first statistics regarding the real estate market are already appearing in December and early January bringing a lot of certainties that were thought to be fulfilled and also a few questions which have surprised many of the professionals and experts who are in charge to study what … Continued

How to choose the best real estate agent for you

How to choose the best real estate agent for you . There are events that mark the life of a person at the moment they happen and among the most important there is to buy a house to once and for all be the owner and be able to build step by step what will … Continued

Common mistakes in Digital Marketing!

Common mistakes in digital marketing. Social networks over the past few years have become an essential element when creating a business and have some kind of digital presence, many are the strategies that can be used to do things right but let go of certain details they could become a bigger problem that will take … Continued

Brand New Techniques to Reach New Customers

The construction of a company or a name on the market that may be a rather complicated task from a distance, however, who have been doing this for years know very well that what really costs is to find the right type of customer that is looking of the product that you are giving to … Continued

Alerts when looking for Real Estate Data

Alerts when looking for real estate data. One of the tasks with greater importance and which in turn requires a considerable amount of time is to do the research before or after being hired by a client because at this point of your work the search for relevant and comparable data is necessary they become the base … Continued

Benefits of working with someone experienced in Real Estate

Benefits of working with someone experienced in real estate. Acquiring a property can be heard easily, but there are professionals who are responsible for all the complicated work that goes into buying a house to just leave the most simple part to the clients, preventing them from encountering the heavier processes that can directly involve them. this … Continued

Marketing trends to realtors

Marketing trends to realtors. Digital marketing has become one of the main tools for real estate in the last 5 years due to the facilities it offers for communication and the transmission of information as well as the massiveness it has, allowing you to reach a large number of possible customers. This year that will … Continued

Strategies to invest in real estate for the first time!

Strategies to invest in real estate for the first time. Despite the fact that information on the real estate market is everywhere not everyone has the time to enter or don’t have the willingness to know the simplest ways to use their money to obtain a certain benefit, because of this is that so many people stop at … Continued

Guide for wholesaling

Many who have come here have heard of the technique of wholesaling which has gradually become one of the most popular forms of investment in real estate because of its methodology and the direct contact with the different types of situations that can be presented on the day of an agent or a real estate investor.. The wholesaling is not more than the search of properties that can … Continued