5 steps to move out and leave your house alone

The 5 Steps To Move Out And Leave Your House Alone

Since you moved your furniture and these are now on your new home.

It feels exciting right?

But within such excitement of having a new house we may be forgetting that we still have work to do
remember the absence of people in the house can last from a couple of days and up to years.

These 5 steps will help you and the new homeowners or people moving in, to go through a smoother transition.

So these are our advices if you want or have to move out and leave your house alone



1. Unplug And Turn Off


Step number one, and one of the most important steps is to cut off electricity in the house, always use this step even if you’re just on a vacation, do this to prevent fire, turn off all lights and electrical appliances, put down all the levers of the power board.

The reason:

While the house is alone there is no reason to keep electricity consumption the more electricity consumption in the house there is a higher risk of fire.





2. Cut off the water

This can prevent leakage problems

Which, if not done properly, can lead to various problems like, stagnant water, rotting wood flooring or furniture, or worse, the risk of a short circuit on contact with exposed calbes?


The main valve is usually found in the foyer of the buildings or under the sink although is sometimes found on the exterior of the house, if you find it, try to close it as firmest as possible, and nevertheless it never hurt to check all faucets.Imagen1




3. Clean And Vacuum



Clean and disinfect, with chlorine and other adequate products the bathrooms to prevent fungus growth in when the house has spend long time alone, It is also recommended to clean and vacuum closets, corners and carpets to prevent spiders and other animals that may appear because of the accumulated dust after leaving the house alone.

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4. Prepare For Any Weather.umbrella

Regardless of where you live, there is always the unpredictable risk of temperamental weather to contend with. Take a look at your yard, patio and other exposed areas on your property before moving out and leaving the house alone. Secure any items that could run amok given a hefty gust of wind. If you live in a cold region and you need to protect the pipes from freezing; insulate exposed pipes and leave a tap trickling to avoid a burst pipe if the temperature suddenly drops while there is nobody in the property.

If you are in the hurricane zone like here in Florida, board up doors and windows, this will protect the house from strong winds and also will discourage many burglars who want to take a look to the interior.



5. Leave A Note

leave a notePrepare a note for the new owners explaining how things work things you left turned off or disconnected, where to locate this and where they can find useful items such as the boiler switches, aerial sockets and alarm codes. A few kind thoughts will go a long way when it comes to mail redirection and injects some humanity into the whole process.


These advices don’t apply for all houses, also out there are tons of good advices to move out and leave your house alone without having to be worried when you have already moved in at your new house.
So, what do you think?

Did any of these advices worked for you?

Or you have already practiced some of them?

Do you have any other helpful advice that is not listed here?
leave a comment and let us know your opinion.

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