3 quick tips to help you find the best cash buyer

3 quick tips to help you find the best cash buyer
Finding the right Real Estate cash buyer is not as hard as you might think! There are plenty of opportunities to find a good cash buyer for your property online and these quick tips will make it even easier for you! I know finding a buyer for a house might not be the easiest but finding a cash buyer might just even be a lifesaver for you!

Let’s get technical first, what is a cash buyer in the real estate world? A cash buyer is someone who will offer you an all-in cash offer for the house you have for sale; this offer might come with different perks such as no extra fees and they will be interested on the property no matter in what location, condition or situation they house might be in. Now that we know exactly what constitutes as a cash buyer, let’s get to this 3 quick tips to find your perfect cash buyer!

1- Location!

Location? Yes, location! The best idea to start looking for a cash buyer is that they have to be in your area, because even though they might say in “any location” they usually mean in “any location close to my business” so, first things first, check out your local real estate investors, and see what exactly do they have to offer to you for their cash offer for you to consider going this route! For example, if you are in the South Florida area, we are one of the many cash buyers you might encounter on your first visit! So, check out what exactly they tend to promise for you to sell your house to them, like in our Get a Cash Offer today page, we let you know exactly what we offer and how it can be good for you! And even though we might be one of the best options for you, check out what others have to say and how they work so you can make a decision!

2- Craigslist!

You might not even think this, but Craigslist is honestly the best place for you to find buyers for your property, but not only that, you will be able to find cash buyers for your real estate deal if you play your cards right! So first things first, go and post the ad for your property and make sure you are monitoring it closely! Now that this step is done and over with, head over towards the real estate wanted tab and see exactly what they have in there, and it’s time to start making connections with your potential buyers, this way you will have built a relationship with them and they will feel more motivated to do this!

3- Contact Lenders or Investors!

This is just the top of it all! Find a good investor in your area, either through a Real Estate agent or simply through referrals and you will be one step closer to finding your perfect cash buyer for the property you want to sell right away! What is the best part of working with a lender or an investor is that they usually have money ready to invest on different properties all over the place, so if you contact them early and the deal goes through smoothly you will be able to get more and more deals closed with them as they like to repeat business with selected clients! Once again, here in IRG Corporation we are lenders and investors, so if you are ever in the need to sell your property here in South Florida, let us know and let’s get you to the best cash offer possible!

I hope this 3 tips help you out in your journey towards finding the best cash buyers close to you! And if you did, let us know how it went!


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