How Home Appliances can help you Go Green And Save Money


Here Are 15 Easy Ways That Home Appliances can help you Go Green And Save Money

With this economy we all know how tough and difficult it is paying the bills. Cutting back your Home Appliances energy consumption is an excellent way to save money. So, let’s take a look at 20 simple ways to go green and save money on the process.


1. Switch Light

This is the faster way to start saving some energy and money. Install some fluorescent bulbs, this converts most energy into light rather than heat, and they also consume about 70% less electricity, lasting up to 9 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


switch turn Home Appliances off icon

2. Turn things off .

Start turning things off when you are not in the room, Home Appliances like lights, TVs, Entertainment Systems and Computers and monitors, even the numbers that appear in a microwave oven’s screen can actually generate more electric consume that what you think.


PLUG Home Appliancesinto power strips

3. Plug your Home Appliances INTO power strips.

This regulates the amount of energy when you are using the devices, turn the power strips off when you are NOT using it (TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray’s) Some of this electronics still use several watts on standby mode.



4. Look for

Try to find Home Appliances that come with an energy start label, These are sponsored by the Department of energy, this label guarantee that your products are energy-efficient.

For example: When you use a laptop charger, with the Energy Star logo this device will use 45% less energy than the average laptop’s charger, this will save money, and reduce the electrical consume.


laundry5. Wash clothes in cold water.

Up to 80% of the energy used to machine wash clothes, goes to heating the water, so wash in clod water, or at least heat the water in the kitchen before you use it to wash clothes.


icon-water6. Save water = Save money.

You can save lots of money by saving water. Here you have some advice:
– Install a low-flow shower head
-Take shorter showers.
-If you like plants, try to find the ones that needs minimal watering.


Large512X512Icon7. Less gas = More money for you.

You don’t always have to use the car, you can walk or bike to work, you save money on gas and also you avoid parking costs. In addition to this you improve your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of obesity.


carrot-xxl8. Smart Consuming.

If you are a meat-lover try to add one meatless meal or two peer week.
Meat costs a lot at the stores, and to the environment.
Try to purchase to local farmers, sometimes it’s cheaper than the local-store, you save money and also improve the local-economy.


moneybox9. Keep saving.

Try not to buy the newest Home Appliances or electronics, you will be doing a favor to nature if you don’t send to trash your electronic devices so soon.
Electronic appliances often contains mercury and others toxic elements that are a huge and growing environmental problem.



ssss10. Think before you buy.

To redecorate you don’t always have to use new stuff, you can recycle almost everything, find tutorials on the webs and guides to make unique pieces for your home.
If you are looking to change you furniture, you can always use services like craigslist to track down cheaper appliances or other items.


dgg11. All close.

Check that everything is closed (Windows and doors) when heating or cooling your home, this will help you to save money.

And will give your appliance a longer lifetime.


12. Heat/ATemperature, Air conditioned Home Appliances heatir Conditioning

• Keep thermostat at 68°F or below and lower thermostat at night and when you’re gone (55°F lowest setting). You can save 1% on your bill for every 1 degree decrease in temp.*
• Cooling: Set the thermostat at 78°F or higher. You can save 1% for every 1°F increase in the thermostat setting when unit is running.*
• Turn off your air conditioner when no one is home.
• Use room fans or ceiling fans instead of air conditioning
• When it’s cold outside, open your curtains so the sun can heat rooms naturally.
• Close curtains, shades and blinds during the day to keep rooms cooler during the summer.


13. Reduce Waste.

• Print double-sided when possible, especially for long papers. If you don’t have to buy more cartridge you will save money.
• Only print when is strictly necessary, nowadays you can have lots of files on your cellphone and keep it with you everywhere.
• Use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic bags
Most people don’t track what they spend and may not realize when expenses add up to more than their budget can handle.


Home Repair Contractors, Fixer Uppers14. Choose home repair contractors wisely.

Workers who have effectively accomplished work for people you know. Insist on a written, fixed-price bid, and paid after the job is done.


recicle Go green Home Appliances15. Thrift Shop.

Save money by purchasing previously-used Home Appliances from Second-Hand stores, or school or church thrift sales. With a slight effort, you can find low-priced, high-quality used items that can be good decoration, or clothes.



Something is more important that the economy, is the future of Our Planet, this tips may help you to save money but the main idea behind all of this is to save energy and ergo to save the planet, to save money you only have to think better, you have to Think Green.

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