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Alerts when looking for Real Estate Data

Alerts when looking for real estate data. One of the tasks with greater importance and which in turn requires a considerable amount of time is to do the research before or after being hired by a client because at this point of your work the search for relevant and comparable data is necessary they become the base […]

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Why sellers exaggerate the price of their homes ?

Selling a property can seem quite simple if you look at it from a distance, but once you get into the processes involved you realize that you need to know certain important aspects that are going to determine if your property is going to sell or not. The overpriced property is one of the main […]

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The best way to take advantage of an open house.

Within the purchase and sale of properties there is a modality in which several visitors approach a specific house to see it first-hand, we call this open house and as its name indicates, at this point the house is placed to the order to be verified by all those who want to do it during […]

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