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Men vs Women, He vs She, Whats the difference when Buying a House?

Buying a House:  The differences between Men and Women “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”  is a 1992 book by John Gray, but it confirmed what few say but everybody knows:  Men and Women differ in their motives, actions and perspectives. so at the time of a home purchase, Intentionally or not, there are some features , that […]

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The Bible of the First-Time Homebuyer – Buying a House for the First Time

Bible of the first-time home buyers – Buying a House for the First Time. There is challenge on buying a house for the first time, people seems to not know Where to start, But… Don’t worry, if you are reading this, you are starting at the right place, we know it is tempting to either just go with the […]

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Home Prices: What to Know and How to survive them

Home prices, what to know The housing market’s post bubble home prices line stays almost untouched so far, but for how long? In the past year we have seen in the Media the home prices roller coaster, costs in 10 states, including Florida, hitting record highs, and not long ago the real estate industry was […]

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