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How do buyers perceive their ability to buy a house?

With the passing of the months the generalized sensation begins to change to the point of being positive for the buyers because of how things look in the near future there will be a greater number of people wanting to buy if really the current trends they remain with optimistic projections. We all know the […]

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Veterans Day!

At the moment that the work of so many brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to the security of their nation is celebrated, it is important to have a place where you can feel the peace that soldiers have been looking for so much every day They sacrificed years of their lives […]

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How much salary do you need to buy a house in south Florida.

The ability that an average person can have to buy a house in South Florida is subject to certain parameters that are clearly differentiated throughout the state due to job opportunities, income according to your work and what is the ability to save or pay debts that each individual has. According to statistics from banks […]

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