We Buy Houses In South Florida.

Here at IRG We Buy Houses In South Florida, and will give you a cash offer now!

Today, many aspects can force homeowners sell their house, that’s why we are here, We Buy Houses In South Florida,  helping people in several situations, by buying houses fast, with CERO Realtor Commissions, CERO Escrow Fees and CERO Hassle!

We Buy Houses In South Florida, and have bought many houses, over the years, from people like you, in different situations. Our deals are straight from home owners, and use private funds, so, don’t have to wait for the bank to respond, making the deal fast!

We provide you solutions

Giving solutions to close quicker, because We Buy Houses In South Florida, using our own money, in almost Any Price Range or Condition, We buy As-Is, you do NO Fixings, even, we can buy your property if you owe more than it is worth, even if it is damaged, vacant or abandoned, Or just Ugly.

We’re looking for

We like ugly houses!, don’t mind how your house looks, We Buy it!, because when we purchase, we fix the house , and then re sell it, making the value oft he  community Grow.

and we are Fast at it, We can close the deal very Quickly, even, we can close at 7 days if you want, so , we close usually on the date you choose.

Are you moving out?

If you’re check these tips to leave your house alone


Why to sell your house to IRG corporation?

There are many problems we solve, when We Buy Houses In South Florida, situations like: Foreclosure, inherited an unwanted property, divorce, own a vacant house, onwed by bank , need repairs, fire damage, Or just a Landlord tired to deal with tenants.

Does your house has the requirements for selling to us?

Check out our Acquisition Criteria. Please allow us to know more about your offer!



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