What’s IRG Corporation International
Real estate group?

We buy and sell houses in Miami and South Florida!

Who we are!

IRG Corporation – International Real Estate Group, we dedicate ourselves to buying and selling Real Estate properties in South Florida, we like to provide the best solution to sellers and buyers who have distressed properties, in any condition or any situation Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. We have a big flow of properties, so if you are ever interested on investing or selling, we are here for you.
Our main focus is creating an environment directed towards business that can benefit everyone involved as we buy and sell properties in South Florida that are in some sort of distress, like foreclosures, bank owned deals, fire damaged houses or properties with issues like a bankruptcy, divorce, probate or a tired landlord! We will take care of the issue and buy the house as is, and pay cash for it!
The process of our business is quite simple, we buy a distressed family home, remodel it into a beautiful house and sell it to a brand new owner, who will love and live in it! We buy and sell houses in South Florida to people with whom we can build a relationship as a result of our success in the business we are in, finding great deals to turn into a quality property.
We buy and sell houses in South Florida that might not be the prettiest at first sight but are for sure the perfect ones for our clients! We like to work with properties that need work added into it because it not only creates the opportunity to build a beautiful living space, it also allows us to build a relationship with tons of people in the areas we work in, and one of our main goals is being a Real Estate Group who is able to help all homeowners in need to sell their house in South Florida into a quick and easy process with good revenues.
Besides buying and selling houses in South Florida, we also work directly with qualified local investors who are looking to put their hard earned money into something that will passively (totally hands off) or semi-passively (more active in maintenance of the investment) offer them a good cash flow and it’s completely alternate to the traditional investments like the stock market, or low yielding Certificates of Deposit, so we partner up and invest together on good Real Estate deals! We find said deals through our precise marketing programs, which are able to find investment properties that other investors have never heard of, and get them first!

What we do

Our mission is to fulfill all the client’s needs in the Real Estate business finding the best properties for them, having all the tools needed for a successful closing with excellent service, striving to the best beneficial stand point for them while continuously growing our company as we keep our core values of honesty, responsibility and integrity.

What we want

To provide the best of Real Estate to our clients and become the number one agency for everything regarding this market across Florida.

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